Progressive Education Society Modern College Shivajinagar
Addr: Shivajinagar Pune
Tal: Pune (corporation Area) Dist: Pune, Pincode: 411005


College Details
Unipune ID : CAAP010230 Affilation ID : PU/PN/ASC/022/(1970) Exam No. : 0070/0861     *070
Organization Name Progressive Education Society, Shivajinagar, Pune-5, Dist:Pune Tal:Pune
College Name Modern College Shivajinagar
Postal Address Shivajinagar Pune Ta: Pune (corporation Area) Dist: Pune Pincode: 411005
Running Faculties Arts, Commerce, Science College Type Affiliated College / Research Center
Establishment Year 1970 Affiliation/Recognition Year 1971
Contact Details
Phone No. 02025535927 Fax No. 02025535102
Email Web-Site
Information officer Shri. Ganesh Sathe Appliy Adhikari   Dr.Rajendra Shankar Zunjarrao
Other Details
Management Private (Aided) Co-ed/Women/Boys Co-ed
Region Type Urban AICTE Approval
Is Evening College No Minority Status No
UGC Act 12(b)(2f) Yes Autonomous Yes

Approved Running Courses

FacultyCourse LevelApproved CoursesDurationStartedIntakeAdmissions* 
Commerce and ManagementGraduateB.B.A. (3 Years)3 Years2009-10264258 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementGraduateB.B.A.( International Business) (3 Years)3 Years2009-10176154 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementGraduateB.B.A.(Computer Application) (3 Years)3 Years2009-10264243 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementGraduateB.Com. (3 Years)3 Years1970-711008908 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementPostGraduateM.C.A. Commerce (3 Years)3 Years2009-102400 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementPostGraduateM.Com (E-Commerce) (2 Years)2 Years2016-176617 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementPostGraduateM.Com. (2 Years)2 Years1977-78132130 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementPostGraduateM.Com.I.T. (2 Years)2 Years2009-10600 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementP.G.DiplomaP.G. Diploma course in Foreign Trade (1 Years)1 Years2009-10400 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementP.G.DiplomaP.G. Diploma in Banking (1 Years)1 Years2009-104013 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Commerce and ManagementP.G.DiplomaP.G. Diploma in Taxation (1 Years)1 Years2009-10400 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesGraduateB.A. (3 Years)3 Years1970-71720603 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Economics (2 Years)2 Years2008-096625 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. English (2 Years)2 Years1994-956630 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Geography (2 Years)2 Years1994-952610 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Hindi (2 Years)2 Years2019-206610 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. History (2 Years)2 Years2019-206627 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Marathi (2 Years)2 Years1994-956617 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Politics (2 Years)2 Years2016-176651 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
HumanitiesPostGraduateM.A. Psychology (2 Years)2 Years2006-075342 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.C.A. (Science) (3 Years)3 Years2016-178887 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc(Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) (3 Year)3 Year2014-15300 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc. (3 Years)3 Years1970-71576383 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc. Animation (3 Years)3 Years2011-129955 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc. Computer Science (3 Years)3 Years2000-01264200 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc.(Blended) (3 Years)3 Years2016-174531 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Sc.Biotechnology (3 Years)3 Years2005-069957 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyGraduateB.Voc in Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing (3 Years)3 Years2019-205029 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.A./M.Sc. Statistics (2 Years)2 Years2009-105959 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (2 Years)2 Years2007-085348 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Biotechnology (2 Years)2 Years2008-095352 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Botany (2 Year)2 Year1994-952626 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Electronic Science (2 Years)2 Years1994-952611 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Mathematics (2 Years)2 Years2014-159245 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Microbiology (2 Years)2 Years1994-955352 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Physics (2 Years)2 Years1993-942424 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc. Zoology (2 Years)2 Years1993-942619 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateM.Sc.(computer Application) (2 Year)2 Year2019-203327 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateMaster of Computer Applications(M.C.A)(Science) (3 Years)3 Years2002-03--- Details
Science and TechnologyPostGraduateMaster of Computer Science (M.C.S) (2 Years)2 Years1994-9516567 (2021-22)2021-2022 Details