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Research Online

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor has allocated budget to fund research projects to be undertaken by the faculty pursuing research in various areas. The aim of the scheme is to strengthen the research activity especially among the young faculty members which will act as a catalyst for them to apply to the various funding agencies for major grants.

The University of Pune launched an e-service Research online for teachers on November 10, called Research Online to enable online filing of research proposals for the year 2012.
This e-service will also help to create updated electronic data on various research projects in progress and publications in international and national journals.

University of Pune has initiated many Innovative Academic Programmes in recent past. Since 2006, the UoP introduced the scheme to encourage college and varsity-level research projects by teachers. The university provides Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 lakh for each project, depending upon the proposal. Close to 8,000 teachers from the 50 odd UoP departments, about 800 colleges and institutions directly or indirectly benefit from the scheme.

Flow of A Research Proposal

  1. Principal Investigator submit proposal to the OSD office
  2. Received hard copy of proposal will be scrutinized for proper subject verification.
  3. After that this proposal will be sent to respective subjects experts for review.
  4. Depending upon experts review, proposals will be short listed for Presentation.
  5. Once presentation process is complete result for same will be displayed online. Also sanction letter will be sent to individual PI through email* and to concern colleges. Sanction letter of each PI can be downloaded from his account.
  6. Once sanction letter is received  by Principal Investigator, he/she need to re-submit their estimate details of project with revised amounts along with acceptance letter through online system and submit signed hard copy  to the OSD office.
  7. Upon reception of acceptance letter to the OSD office will issue first installment of sanctioned amount for first year.  
  8. The Principal Investigator need to submit annual progress report along with the statement of  accounts and utilization certificate at the end of each financial year and present their progress of research work in ‘INNOVATION Conference’ for the release of  the subsequent grant.
  9. After completion of research project Principle Investigator need to submit final report of research work done.