Deputy Registrar

Planning & Development

  • Unassigned Grant
  • Custom Duty Exemption
  • Quality Improvement Programme : 10th February Awards & Financial Assistance for following activities :
    • Construction of Guest House
    • Construction of Ladies Staff Room
    • Construction of Girls & Boys Common Room
    • Construction of Cycle Stand/Vehicle Parking
  • Personal Grant to Teachers
  • Assistance to Young Scientist
  • Forwarding of proposals to Higher Education
  • Travel Grant for Teacher/Young Teachers for attending Seminar/Conference/Workshop
  • Sanction Financial Assistance Under Quality Improvement Programme to all affiliated colleges & recognized institutes for following purpose:
    • Organizing Seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ Expert Lecture series
    • Purchasing Equipment/Sport Equipment
    • Colleges in Tribal Area
  • Preparing Agenda, Minutes of above meetings.
  • Circulation of Circulars received from UGC to all affiliated colleges and recognized Institutes
  • Approval of Advertisement drafts, Selection Committee and Selection Committee Report
  • Preparing Annual Report
  • Ahmednagar and Nashik Sub center related work