Mr.S. D .Dawkhar
Deputy Registrar

Academic Section
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Teacher Profile System
    About user names and passwords for Teachers

  1. Unique ID and Online Account for each teacher of Pune University in online system.
  2. E-mail and Mobile alerts to teachers for various university notices, circulars, updates etc..
  3. Teacher will be able to publish university approved public profile on internet.

Steps to Activate Teacher account

  1. This system is only for Teachers from university affiliated colleges/institutes.
  2. Teachers from University departments/campus.
  3. For activation of account concerned teacher need to contact his college/institute/University Department.
  4. College/institute user will need to log on into his BCUD online College Account (Same account which has been used for Affiliation, Eligibility).
  5. Process To create/Active account.
  6. All the teachers who have earlier added their details On BCUD online through their college account.
  7. Request your college to login on BCUD online account.
  8. Go to Teacher Profiles link.
  9. Add new/Transfer/Migrate Teacher.
  10. Enter PAN no.
  11. If teacher has been reliveled from another college the system will ask to transfer teacher,select yes to genrate request to transfer upload reliveing letter and send request.Once request is accepted teachers will be displayed in your college list.
  12. If teacher is new fill necessary forms on online,Once done teachers will be displayed in your college list.
  13. Click on create account button for newly applied teachers,here your e-mail id will be displayed on which your user name and password will be sent. Use this user name and password to log on to online system.
  14. The teacher who has not added his details on BCUD online through college account.
  15. Request your college to login on BCUD online account.
  16. Go to Teacher Profiles link.
  17. Click on Add new/Transfer/Migrate Teacher link/button.
  18. Send tranfer request or fill necessary forms on online.
  19. Once the information is stored , follow the procedure mentioned in A.
  20. Please note that:
    1. From here onwards all the university processes which are dependent on teachers will be integrated with this system/account. So we request you to activate your account and update it as early as possible.
    2. Some of the possible cases below explain the usage of this system
    3. For BCUD research proposals (Research Online) only teacher with valid accounts on online system will be able to apply